Chat.comic-sun Terms of service

We would like everyone to have a good time but not at the expense of others. So here are a few rules 

No blatant disrespect to any one
No harassing other users
Do not have admin, sysop, or any services in your nick or ident 
Do not advertise other servers
no nuking
No server wide spamming - Keep it in your own room if you feel you have the need to do so
no nude characters or backgrounds in a public room
Do not ask to have nude characters or backgrounds posted on our website
Do not use racist names for rooms or religious names for rooms

The ROOM OWNERS have full control of thier rooms so if you get baned from a room dont ask admin to unban you, we cannot without the permission of the room owner from the room you were baned from 


Should you be banned from our server you will know the reason. Personal issues will not be a factor. There are certain things that happen which neither you or we purposely did. Banning people is not something we like to do, nor do we make a habit of it unless we absolutely have to. Any questions e-mail us by clicking or